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August 2019 Archives

As populations increase across the state, so will car accidents

Thanks to a booming economy, cities in the state of Kentucky are thriving these days. However, one byproduct of this economic growth is increased traffic on roadways across the state. Navigating and traveling along these congested roads is definitely a challenge and can be very dangerous. To reduce the likelihood of an accident, drivers need to stay focused and attentive at all times behind the wheel. Unfortunately, car accidents are inevitable and cannot be totally prevented.

Video of nursing home abuse surfaces, prompting a lawsuit

When family members grow older, they sometimes lose their independence and are unable to live alone. Luckily, Kentucky is blessed with wonderful nursing facilities that can provide round-the-clock care for individuals in need. Unfortunately, allegations of nursing home abuse often make headlines across the country these days. Recently, a video surfaced apparently portraying two staff members of a nursing home in another state teasing and taunting an elderly female resident, and the family has taken legal action.

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